An effort to transform a conventional hotel in an expression of sustainable living in Costa Rica.

Welcome and thank you for visiting our eco-lodge. Hotel Green’s intention is to create the most ecological lodge possible using the Permacultural design principals in order to preserve natural resources, it is a challenge since the hotel was originally designed and built as a conventional one and the adaptations are taking place gradually; now we are growing our own fruit trees, herbs and vegetables, and using gray water treatment system, using environmental friendly products and more sustainable ideas in the way.

Rules and Precautions

Unless prior arrangements have been made, we ask that you check in to the lodge before 10 pm, and check out before noon. We accept cash in colons and US dollars, Visa, and MasterCard.

We invited you to enjoy our garden, most of the plants have a sign, so you can read general information about each one of them. Many birds and wildlife started to come to our garden and little lake, please do not feed them. There is a space in the garden for meditation and recreation, we invite you to practice yoga, play with the kids, play music, etc. Please try to leave the least possible trace around the place.

We prefer not smoking inside the hotel, but it is not a prohibition (except inside the rooms) Please be responsible for your tobacco trash, making sure not to dispose of smoking refuse on the ground of the hotel. Please do not flush matches or butts, as they do not break down quickly and are harmful to our septic system.

Between the hours of 10pm and 7am we request that you be mindful of your sound level and respect the right to peaceful rest for all of our guests and neighbors.

Basic Lodge Information

We are using a Biological Grey Water Treatment System, which purify the water coming from the hotel’s washing machine, the water passes through a series of biological filters, and comes out clean enough on the other side to feed our ornamental fish pond.

We are doing the best to serve Organic produce when available, and we welcome you to pick your herbs from the garden and make your own delicious tea!

We have wireless Internet access available all over the hotel. Please ask for the access code at the reception.

We are located in the Pacific Cost, where the temperature is high. We advise that you keep your windows open all the night and have the ventilator on; in the morning close everything when the sun starts coming out, this simple action will help to keep the cool air from the night during the day, this will help a lot to diminish the need for air conditioning.

We ask you to be considerable with the use of Air conditioning and turn it off when you are not in the room or when not necessary.
If you have food inside the rooms, store it well, because ants are attracted to the food.

Should you happen to get chilly at night we provide blankest stored in your closet. If you would prefer not to have your bath towel laundered daily please hang it up, if it is in the floor housekeeping will know to wash it.

We will clean your room every day unless you request otherwise. Please tell us of any clothing you would like to have laundered. Laundry service is included for no extra charge. If you happen to have any special needs, such as extra toiletries or other necessities, please contact reception and we will be glad to help.

Most of our showers are equipped with on demand electric water heaters. Our next project is to use solar power to heat the water.

We have supplied organic shampoos, conditioners, and soaps made of quality botanical ingredients, because these are supporting other ecological projects and there are easier to decompose in the septic system.

Garden and Pool are illuminated for your conform. In the interest of preserving energy and maintaining the most natural nighttime lighting for our nocturnal species, please turn off the outside lights in the corridors and outside your rooms or cabins when you retire for the evening.

Please supervise small children at all times when they are around the pool and ornamental lake. The emergency number for Costa Rica is 911. For first aid assistance our reception is open any time. We are near a doctor and a hospital.

There are no hours restricting the use of this area, but we do ask that all children be under constant supervision when in or around it. Please refrain from the use of breakables such as drinking glasses or bottles (ask reception for a plastic cup). We request that you practice caution to keep this area safe and relaxing for everyone. All swimming is done at your own risk!

We will gladly help you schedule other local tours and activities. On the last page of this guide is a listing of some local adventure activities. Just ask at reception and we can help to plan your ideal itinerary what is offered in our area.



Permaculture was defined by David Holmgran as: Consciously designed landscapes which mimic the patterns and relationships found in nature, while yielding an abundance of food, fiber and energy for provision of local needs. People, their buildings and the ways in which they organize themselves are central to Permaculture.

Thus the Permaculture vision of permanent or sustainable agriculture has evolved to one of permanent or sustainable culture.

In order to retrofit Green Hotel to be more ecological we have, among other things, planted a productive landscape, which integrates fruit trees, productive bushes and shade plants together with native plants and ornamentals. The food produced in the forest garden is aimed to provide the breakfast and juices offered to you!